Ing. Luděk Pešek, CSc.

Phone +420 266 053 083 E-mail Room M2302a Department Department D 3 - Dynamics and Vibration Position Head of Department Research area vibrodiagnostics and identification of mechanical systems, vibroacoustics and noise; numerical modeling of dynamics of bodies; rheological behavior of damping materials with thermo-mechanical interaction
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Selected publications

Pešek L., Vaněk F., Balda M., Procházka P., Vaněk P., Cibulka J., Bula V.: Developement of Vibrodiagnostic System of Tram Wheel For Damage Analysis, Engineering MECHANICS, Vol. 15, 2008, No. 6, pp. 447–460.

Pešek L., Půst L., Šulc P.: Fem Modeling Of Thermo-Mechanical Interaction In Pre-Pressed Rubber Block. Engineering Mechanics. 14, 1/2 (2007), pp. 3-11.

Půst L., Pešek L., Vaněk F., Cibulka J.: Laboratory Measurement of Stiffness and Damping of Rubber Element. Engineering Mechanics. 14, 1/2 (2007), pp. 13-22.

Horáček J., Veselý J., Pešek L., Vohradník M.:Fundamental dynamic characteristics of human skull : Part I - Experimental modal analysis and FE modelling of basic vibration properties. Engineering Mechanics 11 (2) (2004) 139-158.

Horáček J., Trnka J., Pešek L., Veselý E.: Fundamental dynamic characteristics of human skull : Part II - Measurement and FE modeling of stress wave propagation after impact loading. Engineering Mechanics 11 (3) (2004) 177-190.

Paolozzi A., Pešek L. (1997): „Effective mass sensitivities for systems with repeated eigenvalues“, AIAA Journal, Vol.35, No.11, 1795-1797, Nov. 1997.

Pešek L., Veselý J. (1996): „The analytical-experimental eigen-sensitivity evaluation in vibrational diagnostics“, Engineering Mechanics, 3 (6), pp. 1-12, 1996.

Pešek L. (1995) “An exptension of the inverse sensitivity method to systems with repeated eigenvalues”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 182 (4), pp. 623-635.
2020-2022 GA20-26779SStudy of dynamic stall flutter instabilities and their consequences in turbomachinery application by mathematical, numerical and experimental methods
2019-2021 TF06000020Transfer of smart and innovated damping technology into the suppression of vibration and noise for railway resilience wheels and vehicle motor mounts
2016-2018 GA16-04546SAero-elastic couplings and dynamic behaviour of rotational periodic bodies
2009-2013 GA101/09/1166Výzkum dynamických vlastností a optimalizace složitých rotujících soustav s nelineárními vazbami a materiály o vysokém útlumu
2005-2007 GA101/05/2669Dynamics and reliability of vibrodamping elements of thermo-visco-elastic materials
2002-2004 GA101/02/0241Vibroacoustic Problems of Mechanical Systems with a Single Dissipation Layer

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