Interaction and Feedbacks 2012

November 27-28, 2012, Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, Prague

The 18th seminar will discuss the problems of interaction od dynamical systems with the surrounding liquid or gas environment and the problems of dynamic systems with feedback.

Seminar topics:

  • oscillation and stability of dynamical systems with feedback;
  • propagation of waves induced by vibrations of solid bodies in fluids;
  • dynamics of mechanical systems with feedback, mechatronic active elements;
  • measurement and identification in interaction problems and systems with feedback;
  • interaction problems in biomechanics;
  • hydroelasticity of rotational machines
  • analytical, numerical and simulation methods for problems of interaction of oscillating bodies with the environment.

The seminar languages are Czech, Slovak and English and it will be held in the lecture room of the Institute of Thermomechanisc.

On behalf of the organizers: Dr. Igor Zolotarev

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