The Institute participates in a number of international projects including COST and Thematic Network of the European Union, ERCOFTAC and QNET-CFD knowledge bases, KONTAKT programme and partnership agreements of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The Institute collaborates with a number of renowned foreign universities and research centres and has collaboration agreements with the following universities:

University of Besançon University in Czestochowa Technical University Hannover

In collaboration with the University of Sheffield, UK, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Prof. V. Tesař has developed a fluidic oscillator with no moving parts for generation of very small CO2 bubbles in a bioreactor producing algae. The system enables to dispose of CO2, an otherwise difficult to liquidate product of all combustion processes. The algae are produced at an increased rate and will be used to manufacture liquid biofuels. In May 2010, the research team was awarded the Moulton medal for the most influential paper in chemical engineering published in 2009.

The representatives of the Institute are members of the management committees and boards of various international scientific organizations (such as EUROMECH Society and IAPWS) and international projects. In recognition of the contribution of the Institute to the field of Fluid Dynamics the Czech ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre was established in 2003 with the aim to coordinate international collaboration, exchange of knowledge and participation in European research and educational projects.
The Institute has become the Competence Center of the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE) to promote research, education and knowledge transfer in Power Electronics. The members of ECPE are leading European industrial companies.

Collaboration with industry
The Institute collaborates with the industry-leading companies and their research institutions to facilitate scientific knowledge transfer. The industrial partners include ABB Industrie AG, Siemens – Elektromotory, Ltd., ŠKODA Auto, PBS Velká Bíteš, ŠKODA Power Inc., Research and Testing Institute Plzeň, Ltd., SIGMA Research and Development Institute Ltd. Lutín, Glaverbel Czech, and many more.

ABB Industrie AG Siemens - Elektromotory ŠKODA Auto PBS Velká Bíteš DOOSAN ŠKODA Power, s.r.o.
VZU Plzen SIGMA logo ČKD Elektrotechnika
Research and Testing Institute Plzeň, Ltd. SIGMA R&D Institute Ltd. Glaverbel Czech ČKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a. s.


Selected research applications
In cooperation with the National Taiwan University, Taiwan R.O.C. an original device generating hybrid synthetic jets was proposed. The device combines the synthetic jet actuator with a fluidic pump, usually of the double-acting reciprocating type with a valve-less rectification. The device has many perspective applications in active control of flowfields and thermal fields (e.g. in external and internal aerodynamics, cooling electronic components and turbine blades, mixing in chemical reactors, etc.). The device was granted the Taiwanese and U. S. patents in 2006 and 2009, respectively. More information: Dr. Z. Trávníček, prof. V. Tesař

In cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, an original concept of variable speed drive unit was developed using a single-phase induction machine. The application of the drive is expected in ventilation/air-conditioning where high energy savings can be achieved. The concept was granted the U. S. patent in 2004.

In cooperation with ČKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA, a. s. the Institute participates in the design and testing of control systems and AC-AC converters for industrial variable-speed drives. These drives use either induction or synchronous electric motors with the output power of several megawatts, and are fed from semiconductor medium voltage multilevel converters. The drives are mainly intended for mining, processing and power industries.

In cooperation with Research and Testing Institute Plzeň, Ltd., and the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, the Institute participated in the design of the reconstruction of the electric generators with nominal power output of 325 MW operated in the largest pumped storage plant in the Czech Republic.

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