Laboratory of Modelling of Multiphysical Problems

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Vojtěch Radolf

The Laboratory of Modelling of Multiphysical Problems is engaged in the development of methods for the study of problems with respect to the interaction of flowing fluids and deformable bodies and their experimental verification in aerodynamic tunnels. The vibration characteristics and stability limits of aerohydroelastic systems are studied. Attention is also given to the modelling of acoustic-structural couplings of vibrating bodies in interaction with acoustic media and the modelling of aeroelastic interactions in the biomechanics of the human voice. The source vocal soundwaves, i.e. the self-excited oscillations of the vocal cords excited by an airstream from the lungs, and the acoustic pressure modified by the frequency-modal characteristics of the human vocal tract during the phonation of vowels is modelled.

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