Biomechanics of joint implants

The research is focused on modeling of the hip joint implants. The research objective is to increase the reliability of joint replacements. Reliability of ceramc heads is based on the Weibull weakest link theory. In order to calculate the failure probability it is necessary to determine the volume, in which the stress acts, and the material description of ceramics. Stress in the ceramic heads is determined numerically by finite element method (FEM). Material characteristics are determined experimentally from a set of destruction tests and subsequent statistical processing.


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno UT (prof. Ing. Přemysl Janíček, DrSc;  Ing. Tomáš Návrat, Ph.D)
  • Hospital U sv. Anny in Brno
  • Hospital Bohunice in Brno

Responsible researcher:
V. Fuis

Research team:

In vivo destroyed ceramic head of a hip joint implant
Related papers:

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