Department D 5 - Ultrasonic Methods

Laboratory of ultrasonic methods deals with both experimental and theoretical research in the field of mechanics of materials. It is oriented on the utilisation of physical acoustic principles for the evaluation of mechanical properties of metals, intermetallics, ceramics, composites, and functional materials (ferroics) as well as the characterisation of structural changes and material damage. For this purpose the laboratory develops original ultrasonic methods such as resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, acousto-optical methods, etc.



Scientists from the Institute of Thermomechanics participated in research published in the Science magazine

The remarkable properties of shape memory alloys (SMA) that are utilized in a number of useful applications are due to a phase transformation between austenite and martensite. In many situations, the transformation does not proceed homogenously, but in the form of macroscopic transformation bands, i.e. in a highly localized manner.  »»» 

AdMat Workshop 2015

Conference - Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, December 3, 2015

In December 3 – 4, our institute will be visited by prof. Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier (Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France) and prof. Benoit Appolaire (CNRS-ONERA, Chatillon-Paris, France), who are both interested in experimental characterization and mathematical modelling of microstructures in metastable titanium alloys.  »»» 

AdMat Workshop

Conference - Prague, Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, June 5, 2014

On June 4-6, 2014, the Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR will be visited by Prof. M. I. Osendi, Prof. P. Miranzo and Dr. M. Belmonte from the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, CSIC Madrid. During their visit, a one-day workshop will be organized in the Seminar Room B. The workshop will consist of three invited talks given by the visitors and a number of smaller talks by Czech groups interested in possible collaboration.  »»» 

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