Laboratory of Electrophysics

Head of laboratory: Ing. Jiří Šonský, Ph.D.

Laboratory of electrophysics deals with experimental research of dynamic phenomena in electric arcs and thermal plasma jets including influence of these phenomena on interactions with injected solid particles. In most of experiments the thermal plasma is generated by an electric arc in a plasma torch. The arc and plasma jet at the output of the plasma torch is observed using optical methods comprising the application of high-speed CCD cameras and multi-channel systems working with optical fibers and photodiodes. Multi-directional recording is used for spatial reconstruction of dynamic processes in the plasma jet with a high temporal resolution. The acquired experimental data are processed by methods of correlation analysis, fast Fourier transform, wavelet analysis and computations of correlation dimensions.

Research of dynamic phenomena in thermal plasma by high-speed CCD camera

Example of record by high-speed CCD camera (decelerated 500x)


3D reconstruction of plasma jet and difference of pictures (ti - ti+1) created by inverse Radon transformation showing coherent structures


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