International colloquium DYMAMESI 2017 (Dynamics of Machines and Mechanical Systems with Interactions)

Cracow (Poland), February 28 - March 1, 2017
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The aim of the Colloquium is to facilitate the exchange of up to date information and knowledge among specialists in structural and multibody dynamics, in coupled interacting systems as aero-elasticity, hydro-elasticity, bio-mechanics, systems with feedbacks and mechatronics. The papers and its presentations will be divided into the three sections and focused on the next problems: :

Section 1 Dynamics of Machines


  • dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and solids
  • non-linear systems - stability, bifurcations, chaos
  • damping technologies - materials, active elements, methods
  • identification, vibrodiagnostics, fatigue
  • computational mechanics and experiments

Section 2 – Interactions

  • mechanical systems with feedbacks, mechatronic active elements
  • measurement methods and identification in interaction problems
  • interactions in biomechanics
  • aero- and hydro- elasticity in rotational engines (bearings, blades, sealings, spaces)
  • analytical and numerical methods in solutions of interactions

Section 3 – Power Engineering

  • efficient transformation of various energy sources
  • rational transmission of energy
  • vibrations and dynamic behaviour of power machinery and its parts
  • development and reliable operation of power machinery

Informace pro zájemce o účast: Ing. Luděk Pešek, CSc. a Ing. Igor Zolotarev, CSc.

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