Ing. Petr Kokeš

Phone +420 266 052 053 E-mail Room M2602 Department Department D 6 - Electrical Engineering and Electrophysics
Curriculum vitae
1988: M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague

2006 - present: Institute of Thermomechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
1988 - 2005: Institute of Electrical Engineering, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

He takes part in solution of problems connected mainly with variable speed induction drives fed from standard and multilevel VSIs.
He is an important member of research teams solving projects FR-TI1/330 „Control system for high power electric converters“ and FT-TA4/077 „Universal industrial drive with high-voltage induction motor“.

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Selected publications
Kokeš, Petr ; Semerád, Radko. Simple hardware implementation of voltage balancing in capacitor-clamped inverter. Acta Technica CSAV, 2009, Roč. 54, č. 4, s. 325-341. ISSN 0001-7043.

Kokeš, Petr ; Pecha, I. ; Šimek, Petr ; Škramlík, Jiří ; Valouch, Viktor. Topologie a metody řízení paralelních aktivních filtračních a kompenzačních zařízení pro vysoká napětí a výkony. [Topologies and control methods of high power MV parallel filtration and compensation devices.] In The Fifth International Scientific Symposium ELEKTROENERGETIKA 2009. Košice : Technical University of Košice, 2009. S. 69-72. ISBN 978-80-553-0237-9. [International Scientific Symposium ELEKTROENERGETIKA 2009 /5./, Stará Lesná, 23.09.2009-25.09.2009, SK].

Kokeš, Petr ; Semerád, Radko. Regulation of an Induction Motor under Broad Changes in DC-Link Voltage. Acta Technica CSAV, 2006, Roč. 51, č. 4, s. 363-394. ISSN 0001-7043.

Kokeš, Petr ; Bartoš, Stanislav. Vector Control of the Induction Machine Stator Magnetic Flux. Acta Technica CSAV, 2005, Roč. 50, č. 3, s. 207-231. ISSN 0001-7043.

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