Presentation series on Computational Solid Mechanics

Czech Society for Mechanics – the expert group on Computer Mechanics and Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR v.v.i. will organize the following presentation series on occassion of the visit of Prof. M. Rashid, University of California, Davis, USA in the Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, v.v.i. The presentations will be held in Lecture Room B of the Institute of Thermomechanics, Dolejškova 5, Praha 8 (directions); they will start at 10am on each day.


August 3 Jiří Plešek
On the Description of Directional Distortional Hardening in Continuum Plasticity
August 4 Zbyněk Hrubý
Finite Element Investigation of the Elastic-Plastic Response Underneath Various Indentors and its Application in Ni-based Alloys Indentation Processes
August 5. René Marek
Using 3D CAD Models for Stress Analyses in PMD Program
August 9. Radek Kolman
Dispersion Error of Finite Element Discretizations in Elastic Wave Propagation
August 10. Petr Pařík
Finite Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
August 11 Dušan Gabriel
Development, Assessment and Verification of Finite Element Procedures for Contact-Impact Problems
August 12. Ján Kopačka
Assesment of Methods for Calculating the Normal Contact Vector in Local Search
August 16. Miloslav Okrouhlík
Solution of impact tasks, assessment of reliability
August 17 Mark M. Rashid
Extending the Reach of the Finite Element Method: Polyhedral Elements, Solution Remapping, and Nonconforming Embedment


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