Ing. Petr Sedlák, Ph.D.

Phone +420 266 053 672 E-mail Room M2110 Department Department D 5 - Ultrasonic Methods Research area Shape memory alloys, physical acoustics, wave mechanics, quantitative ultrasonic methods of investigation of materials, computation methods for electronic structures in condensed matter, X-ray diffraction
Curriculum vitae
Education: 2002 - MSc. (Ing.) degree in Physical Engineering, FNSPE, CTU in Prague
2008 - Ph.D. degree in Physical Engineering, FNSPE, CTU in Prague

Professional experience:
2003 – present Institute of Thermomechanics CAS, Laboratory of Ultrasonic Methods, senior researcher – Development of ultrasonic methods for elastic properties measurement, development of phenomenological models for SMA.
2008 – present Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Department of solid state engineering, CTU in Prague
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Selected publications
2018-2020 GA18-03834SLocalization phenomena in shape memory alloys:experiments and modeling
2017-2019 GA17-04871STailoring elasticity of Ti-based alloys by thermal and stress induced phase transformations
2013-2016 GA13-13616SEvaluation of elastic properties of materials processed by severe plastic deformation
2010-2012 GAP108/10/1296Development and characterization of active hybrid textiles with integrated nanograin NiTi micro wires
2009-2010 GP106/09/P302Development of the macroscopic thermomechanical model for shape memory alloys
Regular lectures in Smart materials and their applications, Computer Simulations of Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics Department of solid state engineering, FNSPE, CTU in Prague

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