On Thermodynamics of Coal Power-Plants Technology (2 parts)

Lecturer: Prof. Witold Elsner, Prof. Stanisław Drobniak, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, Institute of Thermal Machinery, TU Częstochowa, Poland
Date: November 29 (Friday), 10:00-11:00
Location: Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v. v. i., Dolejškova 5, Prague, lecture room A

DATE CHANGED! The lecture will consist of two parts: 1) Thermo-economical analysis of supercritical coal-fired power unit (will be presented by Prof. W. Elsner); 2) Numerical modelling of CO2 absorption and desorption in CCS installation (will be delivered by Prof. S. Drobniak).

Prof. W. Elsner is a professor of fluid-flow machinery (for CUT). His fields of expertise are: aerodynamics of turbomachinery, experimental analysis of turbulent flows, boundary layers and transitional flows, computational fluid dynamics (RANS and LES), diagnostics of thermal machinery. Prof. W. Elsner teaches turbomachinery, diagnostics of power energy installations, fundamentals of machine maintenance. After graduation he was employed for seven years as a researcher at the Diagnostic Department of Polish Power Plant Industry. He is a member of Steering Committee of ERCOFTAC SIG10 Transition Modelling, member of Editorial Board of ERCOFTAC Bulletin, member of ASME IGTI Turbomachinery Committee, member of Fluid Mechanics Section of Comittee of Mechanics of Polish Academy of Sciences, member of a managing board of PTMTS (Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) and member of Polish Society of Technical Diagnostics. Prof. W. Elsner in 1993 worked as a research associate at Technical University of Hamburg and during the period 1989-2002 he spent over half a year at Cambridge University as a visiting researcher.

Prof. S. Drobniak is a professor of fluid mechanics and fluid-flow machinery. His fields of expertise are: experimental analysis of turbulent flows, diagnostics of thermal machinery, aerodynamics of turbomachinery, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including large eddy simulation (LES). Prof. Drobniak teaches fluid mechanics and power engineering & environment. He is a chairman of Polish Pilot Centre of ERCOFTAC (European Research Community On Flow Turbulence And Combustion), member of a Comittee of Mechanics of Polish Academy of Sciences, member of a managing board of PTMTS (Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics), member of Euromech and GAMM. Prof. Drobniak worked as a "research fellow" (1981-1982) and "Visiting Professor" (1999, 2000) at the Engineering Department, Cambridge University (UK). In 1990, 1991, 1996 and 1997 he was employed as a "maitre de recherche" and in 1997 as a "Visiting Professor" at LEGI, Technical University of Grenoble (France). He delivered invited lectures at universities in Greece, Belgium and Germany.

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